Introduction: The Affirmation

I t is very valuable to affirm good happenings in one's life.

Affirmations are especially effective when they are either composed by the person speaking them or by a spiritual leader who believes that a person seeking counsel will resolve a difficulty or manifest a desire through that person's frequently repeating a given affirmative thought. Yet the repetition is not the entire cause of a turnabout in one's life. Rather the belief that a particular affirmation or the confidence that repeating it is the resourcefulness that is necessary, is the component that succeeds in making the desired difference occur. If you do not think that you believe your affirmation, simply say over and over "I believe, I believe, I believe." You can talk yourself into believing what you say.

I t is good to regularly repeat an affirmation for the good of a person or for the good of an institution which the individual frequently visits. An affirmation is often most effective if it is brief, perhaps a short sentence, such as: " I AM accepting wonderful, enjoyable, peaceful relationships." Or some longer as: " I AM experiencing wonderful relationships which are peaceful while simultaneously feeling stimulated to enjoy others just as they are." Or simply saying over and over "Wonderful relationships, joy, joy, joy." An Affirmation of The Spiritual Pathways Center assists one to feel good about oneself while building expectancy that our institution is successfully growing itself in ways that benefit many people.

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