Ascending Our Spiritual Pathway

T he interest to follow one's Spiritual Pathway requires a person to know the self deeply. In the depth of each person's self there is a unique pattern for that individual's life. It cannot be known as long as we remain dependents of other people. To journey into our personal interiors seems frightening to some people. Yet there is nothing there to fear. It is only that we have generally been raised with the idea that there is something wrong with us, and therefore, we have built up considerable apprehension to make the discovery of our magnificent individuality.

T he Spiritual Pathways Center is committed to assisting people to rediscover themselves. Quite briefly here, the first most basic steps (five of them) are being mentioned. If they seem difficult to accomplish, please understand that guiding people through them is why our institution exists.

1. T he rediscovery of yourself does not mean to reinvent who you are. Rather, it is to turn away from living after the manner of what others tell you excepting where you may feel deeply that what you have heard from them truly represents who you are. To accomplish this end, one of the most essential accomplishments is no longer to feel that you must have them like you. This is because many of them will like you for being a way that is not intimidating or challenging to them. To deepen your awareness of who you are will mean that they will see you changing. They may like or dislike the transformation. If they dislike it, you must not be concerned. In the case that you become greatly transformed, it is likely that they will be jealous of your having resolved issues that still burden them.

2. N ext, it is essential that you choose not to change yourself into a person who harms anyone including yourself. To cause harm is to be out of harmony with who you are deep within yourself. You will accomplish this to the extent that you truly intend it. The Presence and Power of the Supreme Being will help you with this. Simply insist in your prayers that you are making this your intention.

3. Y ou are to feel deeply that what your inner sense of self tells you about your desires and needs is worthy of giving it your first-rate attention. However, you need to make a distinction between legitimate needs and desires from illegitimate ones. The difference is that some needs and desires that you feel outwardly are not what you most deeply feel is good for you. That which is good and right for you will give you a much deeper satisfaction than the illegitimate ones will. If you are to continue ascending your Spiritual Pathway, this interest to be wholly true to yourself is essential to your success. Again, the assistance from the Divine Mind will transform your intention and your experience.

4. T o go in depth that you may know yourself, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with some personality indicators. The Myers-Briggs and Keirsey-Bates indicators and insights will help you. They are not simply to entertain you, but to provide insights into your authentic self. Great happiness and substantial effectiveness for greater experiences of life can follow. If those manifestations do not develop, let us assist you to know much about your personality type, personality temperament, and alternative awarenesses.

5. T he fifth step along the ascending pathway is to dissolve your reactions to others who may act unscrupulously toward you. To react to others as though you must get even with them, is to be vengeful and retard your ascension. To replace your reactions with responsibility lifts you onto the pathway again. However, being responsible can be understood in two ways. One way is simply to do what is required of you. That is not enough! What is enough is to respond back to others from the inner essence of your true self. Deep inside, you will feel aware of how to respond out of your unlimited ability to relate your Spirit with another's Spirit. Let us assist you if the need arises.

T houghts we say as we ascend our spiritual pathway.

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