Reverend Royal Satterlee, D.D., D.R.S.
Telephone (636) 230-3685 or (636) 527-9110

H aving had a mystical awareness of Love’s presence since 16, Royal Satterlee has always conceived of his second and deeper reflections of reality as essential to his understanding.   As a Methodist minister he taught with spiritual awareness from 1948 until 1963.   Later, he very successfully conducted his own business in Southern California.
I n 1975, Dr. Royal discovered the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes who wrote The Science of Mind .  He found them in accord with the healings of his earlier metaphysical experiences.  He retrained as a Religious Science minister with The Science of Mind at the center of his teachings.  He was especially moved by Holmes’ conception that “Everything begins with an idea." It quickly became obvious to him that Life is as good as anyone can believe provided one acts accordingly.

I n 1979, he entered the ministry of the Church of Religious Science and is continuing with his goal to open several New Thought churches in the St. Louis area.   He is a master teacher of spirituality and the author of several milestone books exploring metaphysical truths. Among them are The Bible Teaches the Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness , Second Reflections (A unique approach to meditation and to realizing human equality) and Meeting the LoveFriend ( the Lovefriend is one's inner Higher Self).  In a setting where mysticism is the essential teaching, he involves himself with significant healings and transformations on a daily basis.   Royal has substantial understanding of the Spiritual Pathways and is opening this center to share his insights with others.


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