Our Center is


to Grow…

We honor each individual’s path and provide a loving environment that includes teachings from a variety of spiritual sources.

We offer practical methods that support each individual to create positive life changes.

We are a warm, caring, and supportive community.


to Learn…

We offer a nationally recognized curriculum as well as a variety of other classes and workshops.

We teach the Universal Truths found in many of the world’s great religions.  These truths free us from guilt, fear, and superstitions.


to Celebrate…

A celebration Service is held each Sunday at 10 a.m.

Join us for a morning of joyous music and a positive message that awakens the Spirit.


to Heal…

We have a staff of licensed Spiritual Counselors available for private appointments.

Our prayer ministry is here to support you on your life’s journey.


to Discover…

You and your unlimited potential through our teachings and our supportive community!

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