Introduction: Dismissing Fear

T he greatest problem in life is fear. Or I could say that no problem really exists because fear of any negative sort is not a part of our God-given reality.

N egative fear is an invention of people. We do not need to invent its positive opposite, because we already have a natural ability to express faith in anything we undertake. Fear then is a negative use of the energy which composes faith. Ask yourself, do you believe that the energy of faith and that of fear may be one and the same? Mightn't it be that any lack of faith is not that faith is absent from anyone, but that many of us have thought that our world is a limited experience, and that idea has made us think that we do not have much faith. If we developed our ability to think our lives are unlimited in what we can do, fear would not be the use we would make of our faith.

O n the other hand, when fear is simply a cautionary feeling and action for keeping ourselves safe and secure, it is a positive fear. That use of faith is positive and constructive. For instance, when a child is crossing the road, our having encouraged the child to look carefully before crossing is a positive fear that results in safety. Yet most of the experiences of fear are destructive to us. Those other forms of fear are not good for us. Dismissing Fear then is a necessary awareness to cultivate.

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