Introduction: The Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness

N owadays people are using the word consciousness in their everyday vocabulary. This is wonderful because consciousness implies that we are thinking beings. However, there are many ways to think. If we think about the way everything appears to be, we become burdened by a repetition of disappointing experiences. Most people have this kind of consciousness.

Beneath, in the depths of each person, there is a much higher awareness. Therein we know the Truth about ourselves, others, and all of life. The Truth is that we are perfect persons, but we do not know our perfection unless we establish a belief system that is inspired from the higher inner sense of who we are. We have there an unlimited resourcefulness that can turn around all circumstances which seem to be harmful.

D eveloping a Spiritual Pathway that accepts the idea that the Higher Power is always reachable is very possible. Anyone can do this because when it seems that God has forgotten us, it really is that we have turned away from the Supreme Intelligence. We have to return to a listening of the Presence within. We have to declare that we are One with It, and it becomes so. Then it is that a much Higher Consciousness replaces our anxieties and fears. Intuition and Guidance express us in all things.

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