The Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness

T he story of The Prodigal Son has been considered by many educators, especially teachers of English literature, as being the greatest short story ever written.

This masterful tale of Jesus tells us how an evolution of spiritual consciousness takes place with all of us. Some of us see ourselves as the prodigal; others of us see ourselves as the elder son. All of us who believe in a Higher Power observe the father in the story as representative of God.

A t first we try to get all we can of life without knowing that we do not need to try to get anything. We have no real need to try to get anything because we already have lives which naturally acquire all we need and desire, because God is taking good care of us. But, if we grow up insecure, and many of us do, we do not understand that all we need and desire will come to us naturally. If we do not recognize that God is with us in all experiences and things, we may strive to gain things, to be protected from harm, and to gain satisfaction from our relationships. Solutions for our having happiness and security then become elusive to us. Is it any wonder that we live as though God is not real to us? We act the prodigal role by trying to get what we need. All the while getting is unnecessary except for our need to build a spiritual consciousness that understands the nature of life.

T hat which we consider God, the Supreme Intelligence of the universe, never comes to us in our need, because God has never left us. If we have any need at all it is simply to recognize that wherever we are at any time, God is! In the story of the prodigal, the wandering son returns to his Father. The Divine Mind had never been away from him, but in the prodigal's thoughts, he considered himself to be away from his Father. As he turned towards the Father the Father turned towards him. There was no apartness, but there was an awareness once the son chose to turn back to his Father that his Father desired to bless him.

T he evolution then of spiritual consciousness is to return to the idea that the Spiritual Presence is with us wherever we are. This story in the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of Luke has another remarkable inclusion. It is that the Father required no apology or feeling of guilt from his son. There is no mention of sin, no question about the son's rights, only a deep-felt joy on the part of the Father for the son's having found his way to live anew. In a similar stance, the Pathways Center has no interest in what mistakes people have made, rather there is only joy and celebration for each person's having evolved the spiritual consciousness that provides abundant living. No remorse is necessary, but a wholesome sense of how good life is, quickly brings a remedial solution to anyone. We do well as we simply accept that we are all spirit-children of the Great Spirit. Like any mother, the Mother-Father God welcomes all of us as we return to our spiritual home simply through our believing that we are freed of every limitation, addiction, or disappointment.

B elief is the key. It is not necessary to believe in some particular dogmas. It is only needful that we believe God is always with us and for us regardless of what has happened while we were evolving our thoughts that allow us to accept the gift of God which has no price.

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