Introduction: The Healing Work

A lternatives to the medical practices of our times are increasingly welcome. They should not ever displace the values of what we gain from the medical profession. It is a wonderfully developed scientific approach to healing. Let us thank God for the expressiveness deity makes through and as medical doctors. Let us also be deeply grateful for chiropractors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and the teachers along with researchers who had developed all these arts. At the same time, let us believe in the alternatives that also bless us. The arts, effectively practiced from ancient times in China, Japan, India and other countries with a different orientation from our own, include acupuncture and acupressure. Biofeedback is a useful assistance. Actually whatever you can believe will heal you; it will be as effective as the confidence you have with it.

H ealing Work through Spiritual Mind Treatment is especially helpful and often reverses serious afflictions of health as well as its healing the pocket book, the need for employment, a relationship gone awry, and anything that is needed. The idea that an effective healing alternative may require work to be accomplished does not mean that the labor is strenuous. It simply means that one has to take the time and interest to focus upon five proven steps of New Thought which open up the ability to receive healing that the Divine Mind has already given to the one praying.

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