High Ideas

E very time we think, we think into One Mind. It creates what we think.

W e stand on Ernest Holmes' teachings about One Mind and that through studying it with the combination of philosophy, religion, and science, we become empowered to express life exceedingly well. "There is a power for good in the universe and we can use it."

W e stand for thinking the good thoughts that unify people.

W e let go of the tried and untrue beliefs about God's being against any person, anywhere.

W e are not better than others are, but we believe in using Intelligence more fully than most people do.

T o us - Love, Law, and Light are both the most intelligent and grandest resources toward achieving great livingness.

W e accept that everything begins with an idea. The Ideas that are the most deeply felt are those that manifest most completely.

W e are much more interested in spirituality than in religion. Religions have started great spiritual movements. However, when religion is encumbered with dogmas and creeds, and places its founder on a pedestal, it generally loses its original message. Therefore we say religion is largely diseased. Spirituality is awareness that Truth comes to those who climb their Spiritual Pathways without having to pay allegiance to another.

W ithin every person resides the Christ, meaning that everyone is born with each one's own solution to expressing the unique life that the One Mind has ascribed to that person.

N egative emotions develop poison. The poison is eradicated through trusting that one's emotions can be lifted up. The upliftment occurs as a person becomes inspired. It is like a master artist who paints a masterpiece through feeling deeply about something. Some painters paint pictures that represent negative feelings; those artists excel vastly more when they feel good about themselves and their world.

N o two of us live in the same world. We manifest experiences according to our belief systems. Our lives can as easily be blessed as they can be desecrated.

A nger has its roots in fear. The persons who fear little have little anger. The sense of rage has not disappeared with them. They have associated "cou" with rage. Courage is the antidote to rage soused in fear.

E very person who deeply believes that he or she has great potential is a success of magnificent proportions.

I n the Spiritual Pathways Center, we capitalize on assisting individuals to express life with ease, confidence, peace of mind, prosperity, kindness, and well-being. The manifest result is that each one of us becomes attractive in a way of grace and congeniality.

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