High Ideas

W e are interested to lift our thinking into positive and constructive conceptions and then implant them into the subconscious mind, expecting an outcome in our lives which reflects the inspiration that we have entertained.

T he Law of God is that our beliefs are manifested exactly as we think them; this Law is universal, natural and forever just. When you feel troubled over disappointments, think about God, and allow your spirit to be raised. Everyone is on a spiritual journey throughout many lifetimes while gradually but definitely unfolding "the good life." God answers all prayers through becoming to us and through us that which we intend. Every person is a tap-able gold mine of good thoughts and good deeds.

P ractice:

  1. Removing all anxiety and fear about a problem and the perfect answer will show up.
  2. Accepting yourself wherever you are on your Spiritual Pathway and your next steps will be brightly illumined.
  3. Loving everybody and your cup will be full.

C onsider these High Ideas:


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