Some Religious Science Links

Spiritual Enrichment Center - Sharing an understanding of Spiritual Principles and applying them in day-to-day living

N ew T hought - Affiliated New Thought Network

Mitzi MacDonald - Singer/Songwriter of New Thought Ideas

The Center for Spiritual Living - An intra-denominational spiritual community with a metaphysical approach to life.

Soul Esteem Center - Interfaith metaphysical ministry of Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks

New Thought Web Directory - Extensive listing of New Thought websites

New Thought Movement Home Page - Some Major Families of New Thought and Overall Organizations Concerned with All of Them

New Thought Biographies - Leaders in the New Thought movement

S cience of M ind - The United Church of Religious Science

S cience of Mind Online - Science of Mind Magazine

RSI - Religious Science International

Association of Unity Churches - principle-centered, proactive organization dedicated
to spiritual leadership

Unity Church of Independence -The Guilt Free Church

Metro Divine Science Churches of Greater St. Louis - the systematic study of the nature of God.

United Divine Science Ministries International - a forum to bring together all people dedicated to the original principles and teachings of Malinda Cramer.


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