At the Spiritual Enrichment Center we use meditations to get in touch with our intuition or higher selves.  We have learned that there are many ways to meditate: some of them quiet our minds, others reorder our thinking process, and still others give us deeper insights. Meditation is very beneficial used either alone or in preparation for prayer, which we call a Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Meditation means to contemplate or to focus thoughts on a point of interest. This does not require will power. In fact, the use of will power often makes it impossible to meditate.  It is not necessary to focus on an external object.  Meditation comes from within, not from without. The only place the mind can know is within itself.

Lay aside all will power and resistance. Let your thoughts surrender to the ideas on which you wish to focus and gently keep them there. This is a simple but effective method that gets excellent results.

If you like you may want to try a contemplative meditation on God is Love .

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