Introduction: New Thought Teachings About Morality

M ost Churches and religions are very interested in morality. That is what they generally talk about most of the time.

We believe in living by a high morality, but we do not think that we should tell people what it is for them. All people know deep inside what is right or wrong for them to do. But no one else knows what it is for another except to some general extent. All of us were crafted differently by the Creator. Inasmuch as no two of us are precisely alike, the way to decide what to do in each situation needs to be determined by each individual person.
e teach people to live by high ethics. However, we do not tell them that there are certain rules they must follow. Rather, we assist them to discover deep inside themselves that Presence of God that is always guiding those who listen. There are New Thought Teachings About Morality that can give some assistance toward this end.

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