New Thoughts This Week

That which empowers you as you recognize It, has an Infinite Number of names. Many call It God. I call It the One Mind.

Other names, are Infinite Intelligence, Supreme Intelligence, Creative Mind, Universal Mind, Unlimited Resourcefulness, Life, and Father-Mother God. All these names give us an awareness that there is an Absolute Being that is in and through everything. If this is what we believe we are blessed, because to feel assured that something beyond luck or chance governs life is to know that we are not alone. We are born to express life in the way of our choices and we are backed are by the Supreme Power that makes our lives experience what we believe. An incredible consideration in all of this is that whatever name we use, we are supported to experience life as we call It. We are wise as we name It something that is Good and unlimited in Its scope and something that is for us. Because we are not given experiences according to how good we are, but through what we believe, we are destined to learn to believe in Its being Good for us and in all of us reaching the consciousness that is Good for all.

Last Week's Thought:

As you open yourself more and more to loving others no matter who they are, the need arises to forgive people for what they have done that offends you. At first, it seems difficult to forgive others. The reason is that you are holding too much against yourself. Why do you do this? It is because you cannot escape living in your stuff. The longing to forgive others has to ultimately become the experience of forgiving yourself. When the day finally comes that you are all right with yourself no matter what you have done that you wish you hadn’t, your love for others is matured. You are then a person of beauty because you care more and more about everyone. And then it is that you notice the ultimate insight which is welling up within you. It is that you are no longer offended by either what you have done or what others do. Peace of Mind is now yours. How Good it feels. You have earned it. Now, you are not against anyone. No one is an offender, at least towards you. How beautiful life has become.


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