About Royal Satterlee

B ooks Authored By Rev. Royal Satterlee, D.D., D.R.S., are available from this web site. They are all about spirituality and the amazing consciousness which is reachable by any person. Also Royal's Cassette Tapes Include topics on spirituality which are practical and inspiring. All of these writings and audio talks have been developed out of experiences which began when he was sixteen. At that time he was feeling very sorry for himself as though he thought he was unsuccessful with everything he tried to do. He did not even believe that God existed. Something happened one night that turned all of that around.

R oyal was alone in his bedroom complaining to himself about how dreadful his life seemed to be. He felt that his life was hopeless because he felt he was such a failure. Then he began to consider that if it might be true that God exists, then he could be helped. Moving his thoughts forward and backward, toward the possibility that God is, and alternately, toward the idea that God was probably not a reality, he cried and cried, until after many hours, God felt real to him. His entire life has since been built around the awareness of that night. Infinite Love, joy, peace of mind, and confidence have since anchored his consciousness to the absolute sense of the Higher Presence.

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