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I f you are on this page, you are probably interested in buying some books and/or tapes by authors who express the same ideas as presented on this site.  Below on this page you will find several books by Ernest Holmes , Raymond Charles Barker , and Frederick Bailes pioneers in the New Thought Movement. The Spiritual Pathways Center’s bookstore has these books for sale to those who are interested.  In addition, on the following pages are books and tapes by the Spiritual Pathways Center’s very own minister Royal Satterlee who has written the articles on this site.

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, hardback, 668 pages. $25.95. This is the textbook for the Churches of “Religious Science.” First printed in 1926 and considerably revised in 1938, this marvelous book pertaining to the greater reality of metaphysics, is a classic which is popular among a wide variety of thinkers about spirituality.

We use this in our Center more than any other single book, both through thorough studies of it and as a reference in relation to all our interests. It describes reality as being One Mind. Its universality includes the bringing together of those great teachings about spirituality from ancient times to the present. This is accomplished through making a philosophy about Mind into a science. The nature of its scientific perspective is that it shows how metaphysical laws such as the Law of Belief can be proven as the underlying nature of all happenings. Its convincing evidence is that it describes how we can prove this as valid through individuals using its principles in ways that demonstrate them. When the principle (the Law of Belief) is correctly applied, its reliability is observed through the healings of nearly any condition which has otherwise been experienced as a malfunction. Anyone can use this empowerment and hence this book is a classic.

Book Love and Law by Ernest Holmes although edited by Marilyn Leo, hardback. 249 pages. $23.95. This writing is a copy of some of Ernest Holmes’ earliest lectures.  They were originally given during 1918 and through 1920. They were presented at that time by a very young man: he was in his early thirties.

His understanding of Truth and his confidence about his knowledge make this book exciting for metaphysicians. He boldly insisted that we can heal and be healed of any adverse condition or circumstance. However, for this to happen, he insisted on our taking our attention off from all negative thoughts about it. We are to do the mental and spiritual work which frees us from giving attention to that which is not our desire or need. He speaks so strongly about this that it often seems that he is too bold, perhaps somewhat offensive. When that thought comes up for anyone, his ability to turn the whole matter either into something of great humor or something of obvious importance shifts one’s attention from the awareness that he might be awfully brash. The sense of a personal approach contrasts this writing to the textbook described above which is more technical in nature.

The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, paperback. 96 pages. $8.95.  This lower priced book is great for any beginner because it presents the most practical conceptions of this philosophy.  Also, it is extremely easy to read.

After providing the reader with a very easy to follow conception of the nature of the One Mind, practical uses of that Mind are addressed.  They include that anyone can direct their thoughts toward goals of considerable interest and achieve those ends with ease, confidence and excellence.  Good health, considerable prosperity, success, wisdom, creativity, improvement of habits, development of a wonderful personality, and experiencing joy in all experiences are some part of the practical uses of your mind and emotions.  Directing your thoughts can bring the emotions into alignment with your interests.  You can even improve the environment which surrounds you.

This Thing Called Life by Ernest Holmes, hardback. 153 pages. $16.95. This book is a collection of stories about how people raised their consciousness for greater living.  Also, the book teaches how this great spiritual consciousness can be acquired by anyone.  The procedure is explained through a psychological description.

The language is very easy to follow, and the book reads somewhat like a novel.  The content of spiritual direction and stories of victories for people who applied it, are compelling.  This is a very popular book.

This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes, hardback. 154 pages. $16.95. Surprisingly, this book is not similar to the above book even though the title sounds somewhat the same.  It is a literary masterpiece.

The artistry is poetic.  Highly inspiring, many people have found it to be the most stimulating writing about spirituality that they have ever experienced.  Whereas many of Holmes’ books require a person to think anew about spirituality, this one is best experienced through feeling its composition.

The Power of Decision by Raymond Charles Barker, paperback. 165 pages. $12.95. This is a powerful book for people who need confidence and order in their lives. That includes most of us. The writing is built around the conception that life only moves along the lines of a person’s directives.

People who are slow to make decisions or fail to do so altogether will have a rather miraculous transformation in their experiences simply through discovering the value of being decisive.  When decisiveness is not an ingredient of a person’s thought, unintelligence causes a person’s life to experience failure, disappointment, sickness, and/or lack of goods. That is, Intelligence and decisiveness go together. Many people have no idea that they are potentially able to experience all the good they desire because they do not value the making of decisions. Saying yes or no is vital. To think very long upon the idea that a decision depends on what other people think and do, is to establish a line of destructive experiences throughout one’s life. Nothing can hold back a person who makes decisions and acts upon them. Moreover, anything is possible for the person who sets goals and thinks out the pathway that takes him or her to them.

Basic Principles of the Science of Mind by Frederick Bailes, paperback. 181 pages. $17.95. This book is the easiest to read and to understand of the books on this science. The incredible author, from New Zealand, originally planned to be a lifetime Christian Medical Missionary.

After considerable education, and when he was about to enter his chosen field, he was stricken with a serious case of diabetes. This was before insulin was discovered as the means to alleviate the condition. Amazing the medical doctors, he healed himself through discovering the principles of prayer. Eventually he became greatly involved with these teachings. One example is that on Sunday mornings, for many years, he and Ernest Holmes each drew 2,500 people to separate services to hear about these principles. This book explains how the Mind works. Explaining that the deeper mind and the surface mind have a relationship through which all causes are set into motion, he tells us that one directs our activities and the other creates them without interruption. Our conscious thoughts set everything of our experiences into motion. Through practicing his easy-to-follow directions, encompassed in twelve lessons, we can lift ourselves out of unfortunate habitual practices into succeeding with all our desires and needs.

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