Introduction: Our Beliefs

W e do not impose particular beliefs on people. Yet, we tend to have some beliefs that we espouse from time to time.

However, most beliefs are opinions. Due to our confidence that Principles cannot be well established through opinions anyone might have, we think that proven Principles are a better way to define what we teach. Principles are determined through a scientific study that requires any beliefs must be proven time and again to make them valid. Our principles or Laws are based upon many experiences which validate them. Another way to say it is to define us as merging science and religion. The outcome is a wonderful spirituality that anyone can use and thereby discover practical benefits.

W e are interested in what Jesus taught. Also, we are enthused about the principles he used which were also used by other great avatars. The bottom line is that all of the great avatars found God in everything and everywhere they went. For instance, Jesus spoke about nature and all everyday activities as being the residence of God. We have concluded that God Is All There Is!


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