A New Kind of Church

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T here is a new kind of church in St. Louis today. Just begun on April 29, 2001, " The Spiritual Pathways Center " promises to align people with an awareness of the God-Mind who is stimulating them from deep within to follow an individualized pathway into His/Her Presence. The course for everyone is different. The goal includes that a unity with others of objectifying Spirit into happiness, success, peace of mind, prosperity and wonderful relationships, is manifested as those attracted respect their differences. Judgments of others give way to accepting personal differences without concern.

A n independent ministry, it is metaphysical in nature and combines prayer with thinking. The procedure is accomplished through allowing High Intelligence to express one's individual thoughts.

T his teaching is of a philosophy that is deeply spiritual while proving practical by manifesting results similar to the sciences. An AMAZING CONSCIOUSNESS emerges in those who use the techniques to think for themselves while unifying with spiritual principles. The chief principle comes from Jesus who is best understood as one who taught his followers that everything that happens with us "is done unto us as we believe." This deep understanding of the master teacher is the basis for considerable success among the adherents.

R ev. Royal Satterlee has regularly ministered in the St. Louis area since 1984. He has also conducted many hundreds of seminars in numerous states East of the Mississippi River. His ministry is of mysticism, which he explains as the direct way to God for every person. Genuine healings accompany his ministry on a daily basis.


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