Introduction: The Positive Vein of Philosophy

D o you think that great people of past times had a message or an understanding that can benefit us now? How about Socrates and Plato? Might there also have been some truly great philosophers during the period of enlightenment (the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries) who knew how to live well, but who have been forgotten or are generally being ignored in the present time? Certain philosophers, following the time of Immanuel Kant, and some very famous Greek idealists had an awareness that to think High Ideas and act upon them empowers anyone who sets out to do it.
Y ou can experience a wonderful life through being aware of what some of the philosophers of the past thought about. Like them, you can be inspired with lofty ideas and actually enact them. It will be a better world as you do. To uncover The Positive Vein Of Philosophy which was well-expressed in times past allows you to think, feel, and act from your deeper awareness of what will unfold your True Self.

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