Introduction: Psychology and Spirit

T he Spiritual Pathways Center is deeply interested in psychology. We are for all forms of psychology. However, the area termed consciousness is of greatest interest. We see great benefits from those who addressed the intrapsychic conflicts, such as William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Erik Erickson, Erich Fromm, and Karen Horney. Also, Gordon Allport, Rollo May, Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow, are representative of various psychological schools which produced these great spokespersons. Gestalt, Rorschach, and Cognitive branches of psychology greatly interest us too. Of all those great spokespersons, Carl Jung interests us the most.

I n Psychology and Spirit , our stance of especially favoring Carl Jung, is specified with some detail. Why do we appreciate the movement of Jungianism? We find in it several parallels to the teachings of our philosophy about there being One Mind, everywhere present. We observe the One Mind as being impersonal to us, yet serving our lives with a protectiveness, inspiration, and empowerment via spiritual benefits that are infinite in scope.


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