Psychology and Spirit

A lthough some teachings about spirituality claim that Freud, Adler, and other great teachers of consciousness were very spiritually oriented, we take our stance with Carl Jung so far as the developers of analytical thinking goes. This does not mean that everything we do is Jungian. Actually we part with those teachings when they impart the idea that the route to self-discovery and substantial spiritual growth includes that there is no gain without pain. However, we teach a very similar route; the difference is that with the conception of One Mind as taught by Ernest Holmes, we find that a small effort goes a long way provided our intentions for evolvement of the Soul are both sincere and continue to be actively expressed.

J ung's concept of psychological types is especially refreshing when considered through the studies and applications of the practical instrument provided by Isabel Myers. The later works by similar minds have made it a scientific instrument of great reliability and validity.

W e are grateful for Jung's enchantment with the Gnostic Gospels. This does not mean that we believe that everything the Gnostics thought and did is credible and sacred. Rather, we find in their willingness to make Christianity experiential the direction that has consummated in New Thought about the spiritual life. The Gospel of Thomas has become known by many biblical scholars as a most credible work providing better authenticity about Jesus than other records. But long before biblical scholarship could attest to this, Carl Jung saw the teachings of the Gnostics as a great forecast of Truth's being greatly explained.

J ung's interest in archetypes as being the carrying forth of the great ideas about reality is deeply meaningful to us. Also, his conception that dreams are a great agency through which the archetypes may be identified means a lot. Through dreams, visions, and intuitive awarenesses of many kinds, a New World of Spirit is being heralded!

J ung's underlying conception of Mind's being everywhere present and the fount of wisdom is a concept of significance to us. That we are influenced by the whole human race, but can rise above the thinking and behavior of those who preceded us, is a paramount teaching of our institution .

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