Introduction: Pursuit of Your Spiritual Pathway

T here is One Mind and It is so vast that no one nor any group of persons will ever confine it to a map or chart. In other words the One Mind is everywhere. We are able to know three things about the One Mind.
  1. It is Supremely Intelligent. This means that It knows everything. Its Intelligence is thinking new ideas continuously and all these ideas are becoming patterns of what is to be. Not one pattern is identical to another.
  2. It is infinitely resourceful to create manifestations of all the patterns. This means It is all the power there is.
  3. The manifestations are altogether the body through which the Intelligence is expressing Itself. This means that Its Presence is everywhere.

W e also know that all people are individual ideas of the One Mind in expression. This means that every time we think, the creative aspect of Mind is preparing within us a pattern of the thought, and it is expressing all of them in our lives except for those which we negate within our consciousness. Every thought which is felt deeply becomes something in the worlds of our experiences. This means that everything is either a cause or an effect of the dynamic, divine energy which is forever flowing into action. The Pursuit of Your Spiritual Pathway is greatly enhanced to the extent that you understand this.

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