Introduction: The Reactionary Movement

T he Law of Mind is the medium through which the ideas of Mind flow. The Law reacts to all of them making them into awarenesses, things and experiences.

There is no judgment made as to whether any thought that we have should be excepted from its creative actions. This is how experiences which appear to be evil occur. As this becomes clearer to people, they will take care to think appropriately. Until this becomes known, our experiences will not always be to our liking. However, we can do something to cause our experiences to be increasingly better.

T he Reactionary Movement of the One Mind can never be quieted, which is fortunate. But our tendency to react to Its reactions can be quieted which will provide us with the ability to give direction to the way we think. No actions on our part are more helpful to greater experiences of life than that of giving sound direction to our thoughts.

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