Introduction: Standing For And On One's Rights

B eginning about one and one-half centuries ago, as one of the early developments in constructing modern psychology, the word Self was substituted for Soul.

The main reason this occurred was that the developers who were making psychology a valid instrument tended to believe that for psychology to become accepted as a science, the word Soul had to be replaced. It seemed to them that it was too connected with religion. The effect of this adjustment includes that the idea of the outward person has displaced the inner, higher sense of Self

T here are two basic components of Self. One is the outward discovering agent of each person. The other is the inward higher Soul being. Too many people today think of themselves as disconnected from the Universal Soul or God. The Truth is that we are all divine beings, and to know this, it is essential that we see ourselves as the combination of what we are deep within and what we are outwardly. When this connection is greatly made we become aware of oneness with the Universal Mind which we call God. It is in sensing this that Standing For and On One's Rights becomes both a great transformation and empowerment.


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