Standing for and on One's Rights

W hat is right for you? It is to be true to yourself! In Hamlet, Shakespeare said it well: "This above all, - to thine own self be true; and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man ."
Y ou may have been thinking that other people have greater rights than you, because you think of yourself as less intelligent or that your position in life is not one that has much empowerment for reasons of your gender, station, class, color, or race.

Neither those considerations nor ones of your not knowing the right person, having been born in the wrong place, or the wrong time, or having made mistakes while very immature, are valid reasons for having any negative experiences in your life. The real reason has to do with coming to know who you are. Who are you? Do you really know? You are a Divine being experiencing the results of not knowing your essential Self!

B eing true to yourself provides you with the Intelligence, empowerment, and the right to express the viewpoint for which you were born. It is in your coming to know the world of Spirit within you that lifts you into your own.

T he Myers-Briggs personality indicator (which is scientifically authenticated) and other indicators of personality types show us that every person is a unique gift of the creator. All spiritual centers can also teach us that every person is a child of God, and therefore, that everyone of us has the right to direct his or her own destiny without interferences from the outspoken thinking of others who would control us. In the Spiritual Pathways Center, we make this the central consideration.

P eople who feel abused, underprivileged, or deprived in any way at all now stand in the privilege of succeeding with their heartfelt rights. Our Center is not here to rescue or enable them, but to teach how anyone can rise up and be known as a winner in life. This happens through changing old thoughts that have habitually kept us stuck in experiences that made us feel we are used by others and have few if any individual rights.

T he mission of Jesus and other great avatars was to raise the Spirits of people who would accept, allow and express themselves abundantly simply by their becoming aware of their AMAZING CONSCIOUSNESS. That same consciousness is available to everyone, and it is our mission to share the insights and experience the benefits which are contained within it.

H ow much do you believe in yourself? To that degree you can stand for and on your rights. It then happens as you allow the Supreme Intelligence to manifest through and as you as your Truth.

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