Science and Spirit

O ur Spiritual Pathways Center is keenly interested in combining science with our spiritual focus. Many churches and spiritual centers are not very interested in trying to combine science and religion.

We are not against any of them, but we are for the expressiveness of life that includes science, religion, philosophy, and psychology. We especially see that science can be used to deepen the spiritual life.

F or those of you who read this and wonder why many people question that science and religion can both be accepted and used to grow selves spiritually, a wonderful experience of life lies in front of you. It simply means that the interest to expend yourselves through living by the principles of spirituality will work very similarly to the principles of the physical sciences.

T he procedures are much like the physical scientists use. A hypothesis is first to be formed of something you desire that is of a spiritual nature. For instance, anyone can heal a relationship if that is a strong interest. The ability to do this requires one to believe that the same creator which has caused the universe to be manifested physically has provided every human being with a Spirit like It has. Being "made in the image of God," means that even as the creator thought of suns, planets, minerals, water, air, atmospheres, It (She, He or It) thought of plants, creatures, and people; the people, you and I, can live lives that are in harmony even as unspoiled natural forests and seas maintain a symbiotic association.

T he creator is best conceived as being Intelligence without Its being a personality. The Supreme Intelligence loves the idea of providing all of us with a capacity to think like It does. The image then is that we are mini-copies of the Great Thinker . The scientific medium for our high spirituality is to use thought with the belief that our thinking is an agent for expressing greater good in our lives.

B ut how does this explanation account for the possibility that we can think so as to be creative like It? It is because every time we think we use Its Mind. Before I explain that, let us go back to the procedures of scientists who discover or cause inventions and other significant benefits to occur.

W e have all marveled at how it was that a great man like Jesus was able to heal people and give them the awareness of life as being abundantly beautiful. It is because Jesus was a great scientist. That is, when people came to him with their problems, he hypothesized the idea that they could be freed from them. He believed that God was within his thoughts or beliefs. He was careful to disallow any contrary ideas to intrude upon this confidence. He also believed that the Supreme Intelligence desired that people step out of their troubles. But he did not think that God would do this for them, but rather through them as both the people and himself conceived and believed in that support. This was and is because we have been made to be free, and we have mistakenly used our creative thoughts to make ourselves have difficulties. He knew better and he shared his wisdom with others who came to him.

C onsider now that One Mind not only exists but that It is everywhere and It is God. Focus upon some good use of what that Mind will do through you and as you. If it is the healing of a relationship, then start experimenting with love, kindness, care, and the firm willingness to neither control another nor to be controlled. As you experiment with this, draw some conclusions about how life is meant to be. Choose to believe that we were crafted to live amiably together. Practice the idea of it, but know that you cannot do this without allowing the Greater Intelligence and Unconditional Love to move through you and act as you. Know that a pattern is being formed from your thoughts which is set upon a new direction for your good. Disallow any lesser thoughts to interfere with the empowerment.

A s you work with this, your life will change for the better in ways far beyond whatever you have previously imagined for your happiness. If you need further assistance to practice this like a scientist along with emptying out all conditions that could spoil the brew, let us know. This is the basis of our teaching.

T he bottom line is that a scientist is interested in knowing something which can be experienced in some way that is beneficial. Through a hypothesis of an idea for good, working with principles already proven reliable and valid, through experimenting with procedures that could produce it, and expecting to demonstrate positive results, the desired solution is discovered, which means that he or she works toward knowing some previous unknown that is of interest. A really able scientist will not allow anything to be included in the experiment that could make either the composition or activity impure. You can accomplish all of this too, but for your own well-being or for that of a friend who is open to alternative solutions. The gain can be something of significance.

I t is our interest to teach people how nearly anything you can believe can be demonstrated in your life. Saying that nearly anything can be accomplished may seem to leave some questions as to whether your particular desires can be manifested. However, the only exceptions to what is possible for you have to do with the laws of the universe. You cannot ever cause them to change, but you can use them to demonstrate anything that is in cooperation with their nature.

W e teach effective formulae which prove that there are spiritual principles which can resolve any concerns. Using these principles, and drawing upon the unlimited Mind which is Supremely Intelligent, any great cause can produce the desired effect. Once you know how to use these principles your life will be freed of all limitations prohibiting good.

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