Introduction: Science and Spirit

I n the beliefs and teachings of most spiritual institutions or religions usually people specify faith as the basis for experiencing values. Although faith is very significant within our perspective, we are keenly interested to assist people to know the Truth about spiritual interests.

W hen faith means that you or I hold onto an opinion of someone else, knowledge of who we are becomes vague. The Truth is that all of us are children of God. This means that we are deeply loved and provided with unlimited potential to express some unique and wonderful experience of life. To know this we do best to let go of the kind of faith that gives us a feeling that something is wrong with us, and that only if we hang onto another's faith will we escape a drastic judgment.

I f one is to experience High Love, great joy, peace of mind, a healing of a relationship or of the body, or feel secure about life now or in the hereafter, to know that the spiritual empowerment is taking place exceeds the value of maintaining a stance of someone else's faith. This is not to say that faith is not a wonderful and helpful awareness. Rather it is to say that the kind of faith that is best to build is the idea that God or Mind has no judgment to impose upon us other than to react to whatever we think and to do so by giving us exact copies of the experiences that we provide the people and environment around us. The reaction is contained within the familiar words, "what goes around comes around."

D ispensing with a more horrid, cruel punishment or a reward for keeping such a faith, we are given support from deep within ourselves to know that we are unlimited in the ability to express wholeness, peacefulness, beauty, Love, and all the good we can conceive and believe. The way this is done is through knowing that deep within us is a Presence and Power that can be known directly. The direct knowing comes as we dispense with the kind of faith that has been given us by others who think that everyone must be either punished or rewarded for their thoughts and actions.

T his awareness can be achieved by applying science to spiritual interests. Often people think that science cannot be a directive for spiritual growth. However, it is a positive inclusion in what we do at the Spiritual Pathways Center. Science and Spirituality belong together in a faith which is interested in going onward into a certainty that God is real, life is good, and an individual is both worthy and safe.


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