Spiritual Laws of a Natural World

U nlimited opportunity to experience magnificent lives exists for all people. The Law of this thing called life has provided for us a creation of beauty, excellence, and durability, which can be experienced magnificently by every person on earth. Through pursuing Spiritual Pathways, which contain principles for High Living, we can know paradise now.
  1. T he first Law of life or nature is that a creation is manifested which cannot be altered. The great creation appears to have been severely harmed. Also, our individual lives seem to be hurting in many ways. We keep trying to correct the conditions, which disappoint us. We have some success, yet new disparaging conditions keep taking the place of the corrections. The general conclusion of the human race is that we are in a reality which is made up of two forces, one good, the other evil, and that it is hard to keep life safe and satisfactory for most of us.

    T he Truth about what is happening is not observed until we free ourselves from the conception that there is a duality of good and evil empowerments that are causing our difficulties. In its place, we are to understand that God is Mind and that God or Mind evolved everything from the "big bang" or even before it. The nature of evolution has two parts, first that which continued to the point in time that people came into the awareness that they could use their thinking to benefit themselves.

    S econdly, from then on, it has worked through the thinking of people to cause the experiences of their lives to happen as they do. For some thinkers, this second phase was the beginning of the"seventh day of creation." The idea that God then rested, and continues to rest, includes that all peoples' thoughts continue to evolve them. The evolvement of the second phase is the experience that has been occurring with all people in their being able to freely think for themselves, each other, and the environment. God's rest does not mean that God is not actively involved in the continuance of our evolution. It really means that God or Mind is actively pursing the development of greater livingness, but not apart from us, rather through and as us.

    B oth the physical and the spiritual laws of the universe continue to function as they always have, unchanging and perfect. All people are participating in the current evolution of their experience, but with the freedom to cause their lives to enjoy these perfect laws or/and to use them in ways that feel good or hurtful. If they feel hurt, it is because they have ignored that they can think positive ideas and fulfill their unlimited potential to creatively benefit the whole. When they feel hurt through reacting to how everything is happening, they tend to interfere with the ongoings of evolution. Nevertheless, the perfect potential and the laws remain unhurt to the core.

  2. T he second Law of life or nature is that it is prone to heal all of its manifestations, even those which appear to have been hurt or broken. There is no power in the universe or intention of it to hurt its own creations; of course there are earthquakes, fires, storms, etc., that occur, because nature is forever reforming its creations. But that which is not being reformed is being healed through nature's interest to protect and maintain its creations. However, there is an intervention of nature's work by we the people, who have not come to an understanding of what reality is all about. We cannot know better as long as we keep thinking that two powers are at war within the natural world. The only conflict is in our not understanding nature and our not complying enough with its lawful nature.

    N ot only is the ongoing creation both reforming and otherwise protecting its manifested reality, but also life or nature has given and continues to give all people similar privileges. The Law of life or nature is that even as it has provided us with benefits such as those of gravity, electricity, and magnetism, it has given all of us the privilege of thinking of how we would like to express our lives, and creates through us and as us still further manifestations. So thorough is its action in this that it makes for us everything that we think about whenever we feel it strongly enough to believe that it can be. This makes life utterly worthwhile. Our general ignorance of this capacity, and our distrust of nature's interest and absolute empowerment to heal the conditions that arise from our careless thinking, make it appear that our bodies get sick, our relationships spoil, our successes are rare, our prosperity is impaired, and our dreams are rarely realizable. When our experiences appear to prove that we are victims of an evil power or other persons' influences, we have only to know that life or nature will itself correct through us or restore as us our desires for good livingness. This is true because it is natural that healings take place wherever harm appears. It is in our interruptions of the natural healings that the primary cause of diseases, discomforts, and all other disappointments, takes place. Healings then occur as we open ourselves to embrace New Thought that complies with the two primary Laws of nature or life .

    I n The Spiritual Pathways Center, we do not naively claim that nothing gets hurt or broken. Nor do we presume that everything may always be instantly healed or repaired. We simply know that nature contains an inherent trust of people to guard, preserve, and allow healing to take place. We are wise as we open ourselves to guard, preserve and allow healings to take place. We also know that as our consciousness increases of life's being stable that the appearances of problems fall away. This is our teaching and practice. We have a record of personal healings of almost every condition imaginable. You too can experience this wonderful way of life.

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