Introduction:Who was Jesus?

I t is understandable that people in all regions of the world have made great religious leaders into gods. In the time that a leader of high spiritual consciousness i s alive on earth, some evidences of his or her humanity are obvious. Yet, after great leaders have passed onward, it is often true that others later tend to deify them. As time marches on, the further away from the time of the original avatar, the greater is the likelihood that many will build in their thoughts an association with God that makes that being qualified to be considered the savior of the rest of us.

J esus was not the savior in the sense that he acted as a middleman between us and an angry God. Again, Jesus was not sent to us to do something for us that we could in time do for ourselves. However, his example for greater living is wonderfully moving for those of us who appreciate knowing that there are those persons who achieve what we know is needful for us when we have readied ourselves. Yet the question remains: Who was Jesus?

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